Bath Bombs and Bath Salt Bar

Bath Bombs

We have a wide variety of Bath Bombs...including Bath Bombs with surprises inside! Pick from small toys like rubber duckies and grow-in-water sponges, jewelry, cufflinks, bottle openers, and more.

Bath Salts Bar

We have a pour-your-own Bath Salts Bar. Pick from a variety of salts and scents to make the perfect bath time experience for you or as a gift.


Scrubs, Lotions, Soaps, and Household Items

We have a variety of scrubs, lotions and soaps, including our signature scents and seasonal scents.

Don't see a scent you like? Not a problem....we make customized products!

In addition to products for your skin, we also have household cleaners and seasonal decor.



Make-Your-Own Parties

Plan a party that no one will forget!

Choose from a wide variety of products to make including:



Bath Bombs

Lotion Bars

Sugar and Salt Body Scrubs

Lip Scrubs


Make-Your-Own parties are great for:



Bachelorette Parties


“Girls Night Out” & “Guys Night Out”



Gift Inspiration!

Find the perfect gift for someone special...or yourself. All gift boxes are customizable and we will work with you if there are allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.

Be the cool boss, get your employees a gift from Sarah's Bath Boutique this year!

Moving towards less packaging

As I learn more and more about how much waste we produce from just our cosmetic packaging, I thought it would be a step in the right direction to make bars instead of bottles of many of the most common cosmetics we use- including my best seller, the All Natural Lotion Bar, Shaving Cream Soap and Shampoo Bars.  More products in less packaging will be available soon!