For the Community

MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Please contact Sarah & Steve to receive your free lotion bar, body & cream and/or soap. Thank you for your diligent work during these difficult times. Call: 248.763.1146 or email:

FOR THOSE WHO ARE, OR KNOW SOMEONE STRUGGLING AT THIS TIME due to job loss, reduced hours, etc., please contact Sarah & Steve to receive a free pack of bath essentials.  Call: 248.763.1146 or email:


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Shop Hours:

Regular Business Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 12 to 6 pm

Wednesday - 12 to  6 pm

Thursday - 12 to  7 pm

Friday - 11 to  7 pm

Saturday - 11 pm to 7 pm

Sunday - Closed (open by appointment)

Have your next event, party, reunion, night out with friends at Sarah's Bath Boutique!

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Bath Bombs & Bath Salts

We have a wide variety of Bath Bombs including "Prize Inside" bath bombs for kids and adults.

Come in and check out our Bath Salt Bar and pour your own special mix of bath salts.

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Soap, Scrubs, Lotions, and Household Items

We have a wide variety of soaps, including  the popular Shaving Cream Soap and Clay & Goat Milk Facial Cleansing soap. We also have Dog Friendly soap, Handmade soaps, Lavender Goat Milk Guest Soaps, Rosemary & Peppermint Goat Milk Guest Soaps, Wine scented soap, Seasonal soaps,.... just to name a few.

We have sugar and salt scrubs, and our signature All Natural Lavender Sugar and Salt Scrub.

Our lotions come in whipped, solid, super thick, thick & silky, and regular! If you can't find a scent you like, we can customize!


Sarah's Bath Boutique has household cleaners that clean without all the harsh chemicals.

Household decor includes candles, seasonal decor, linens and more.

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Make Your Own Parties

Have your next party at Sarah's Bath Boutique and everyone will leave with something handmade (and useful!).


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